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Marathon Basketball’s mission is to advance all basketball players through customized, intense and high quality training.

About Marathon Basketball

Marathon Basketball’s mission is to advance basketball players of all ages through customized, intense, and high quality training. This unparalleled training experience was created to help players reach their full potential. We specialize in developing remarkable basketball habits, learning the game of basketball, and most importantly, advancing the skills of each one of our trainees all while having fun.


What People are Saying

I really needed a trainer that knew that game of basketball and local. Our first couple sessions we worked on my left hand and using it in game play. Coach Josh took me to couple open runs against some boys, that was helpful! It gave me more confidence when I was playing against my teammates at school. We are focusing on my free throw percentage to see if we can raise it be in the high 80 percent. Coach is always challenging us to set new goals each week on how we want to improve.
Maya Johnson, Washington, DC
I love working out with Coach Josh. He his fun and we always compete on different things: like how many 2 pointers I can make in a row or how many free throws I can make. The best part is I am having fun and getting better at basketball at the same time.
Cameron Yates, Columbia, MD
As the parent of Charlie, I wanted to make sure he was going to be prepared for high school basketball. Coach Josh met with Charlie after watching a couple of his AAU games over the summer. From the start Coach Josh started showing my son different fundamentals he was lacking and helped increase his overall quickness offensively and defensively. Charlie assist and steals increased over his next two seasons as he approached his senior year. Coach Josh is working with him to get him ready for the college transition. My son always tells me how he enjoys working out with Coach Josh, and that gives him going into his games each week. We are glad we joined the basketball family Coach Josh provides.
Charles Bell, Hagerstown, MD
I was shocked when my mom said she was going get me basketball training from a former professional basketball player! Coach Josh showed me new skills and moves that I had never thought of using. Now when I play in my games, I feel like I’m on a different level than everyone else. My dribbling moves and shooting got better the first year at school. My mom deciding to link me with Coach was the best thing for my career.
Jordan Shaw, Arlington, VA
Coach Josh has been working with me the past 2 years. We have been developing my guard play and preparing me for varsity basketball. Since working with Coach Brown, I received “Most Improved” on my AAU and now considered a 3point threat in all my games. I am looking forward to my development this summer.
Jake Stroud, Takoma Park, MD
I met Coach at his clinic in here in Virginia. I wasn’t a very good shooter and was struggling with my ball- handling. He came over and talked to me after the game. He said I had a lot of potential and just needed to stick with it. Since then I have gotten better with shooting and a few of my friends enjoyed the workouts too. He really knows how to show each player how to focus and better. I really enjoy the fun shooting drills we do.
Khadijah Stewart, Alexandria, VA

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